MissioDei Chicago
MD @ iO Theater - Improvised Shakespeare Company

MissioDei is taking over the iO Theater!  We have bought out the theater (120 seats) for the 8:00PM and 10:30PM performances of "Improvised Shakespeare" on Friday, March 15th.  We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to invite a friend, coworker, or your whole office to join us for a night of laughter.  



O what joy comes with laughter. Come one, come all, ask your friends with a text or a call.


Hence! May you idle creatures relish in the humorous improvisational theatre arts. Wherefore you ask? The iO Theater, found upon 3541 North Clark Street, just south of Addison. Ay, do you fear unreasonable cost? Fear not! Tickets are $10 each (a $6 discount from the normal price), and must be purchased through the celestial web paths below. We hath purchased the theatre of whole, to share the experience with our comrades of new and olde.

Thou dost join us

8:00PM and 10:30PM showings on Friday, March 15th



To get tickets for the 8PM show, click here. SOLD OUT

To get tickets for the 10:30PM show, click here.

Last time we bought out the show, all tickets were reserved before the night of the show, so reserve your spot ASAP.

Just a reminder, the iO Theater is located at 3541 North Clark Street, just south of Addison.