MissioDei Chicago
Gospel Community Resources

We believe that sustained life-change happens within the context of community. And so in keeping with who Jesus is, why He came, and how He carried out His mission... MissioDei exists as a church of Gospel Communities. It's through these groups of 10-15 people, meeting in homes during the week throughout the city, that we are joining God as He makes all things new. Our dream is to be missional outposts in the midst of where we live and play as  we experience the power of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST together.

To help facilitate this movement, we've put together some documents that will help clarify, encourage, and promote the outward movement of Gospel Communities.


Growing in the Gospel

What is the Gospel?

8 Ways to be Missional

Moving Beyond Small Talk

Fasting - An Ancient Practice



The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller

Jesus + Nothing = Everything by Tulian Tchivdjian

Since Nobody's Perfect, How Good Is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley